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Welcome to our page about T. A. (Tom) Barron and his books 

Tom (as we call him around Boulder) is one of our local authors, and we like him as much as we like his writing. We think that you'll like his writing too. 

T.A. Barron is one of our most popular local authors. His books cross genres and appeal to a wide age range of readers who flock to his book signings in droves and have made his works a central part of many school curricula. Beginning with Heartlight and up through The Wings of Merlin, the latest and final book in The Lost Years of Merlin series, Barron's unique blend of adventure, magic, and spirituality has earned him the reputation as master storyteller for our time. An environmentalist who has been a member of the board of The Wilderness Society for almost 20 years, Barron is also well-known for his books with photographer John Fielder, To Walk In Wilderness and Rocky Mountain National Park.

To visit the official T. A. Barron website click HERE.

Titles by T A (Tom) Barron

Great Tree of Avalon - Book 2 - Shadows on the Stars
By Barron, T. A.
2005/10 - Penguin
039923764X - Hardcover - $19.99

From the place of the stars, dark shadows, omens of evil, are pouring out toward Avalon, posing a threat to the Great Tree's very existence. Tamwyn and his troupe must split up to confront the powers of Darkness.

Suddenly all the stars in the sky go dark—dooming the wondrous world of Avalon. And more than one world is at stake, for Avalon is a great tree whose branches connect all other worlds, mortal and immortal. Avalon's only hope lies with three unlikely young heroes.

Great Tree of Avalon - Book 1 - Child of the Dark Prophecy
By Barron, T. A.
2004/10 - Philomel Books
0399237631 - Hardcover - $19.99

The author of "The Lost Years of Merlin" begins a sweeping new epic. The peaceful world of Avalon is suffering and its fate rests with three young people. One is the true heir of Merlin, the only person who can save Avalon--and one is the dreaded child of the Dark Prophecy, fated to destroy it.

Publisher Comments
Long ago, the great wizard Merlin planted the seed that would become the peaceful world of Avalon. Now, though, Avalon is suffering from mysterious droughts. Then the very stars begin to lose their light, and it seems that the Lady of the Lake's dire predictions are about to come true. The fate of Avalon now rests with Tamwyn, a wandering wilderness guide; Elli, an apprentice priestess; and Scree, a young eagleman. One of them is the true heir of Merlin, the only person who can save Avalon ... and one of them is the dreaded child of the Dark Prophecy, fated to destroy it.

Great Tree of Avalon
By Barron, T. A.
2005/09 - Penguin
0441013082 - Mass Market - $7.99
High as a Hawk
By Barron, T. A.
Illustrator Lewin, Ted
2004/05 - Philomel Books
0399237046 - Hardcover
List Price $16.99

Eight-year-old Harriet is determined to climb to the top of Longs Peak in Colorado. To get there, she'll have to overcome steep slopes, a freezing blizzard, and what her wise trail guide calls "surprises." But she simply must try--both for herself and for the mother she has lost. If she succeeds, she will spread her wings and fly ... high as a hawk. Based on the historic 1905 ascent by the youngest person ever to climb Longs Peak, the highest mountain in Colorado, this book combines T. A. Barron's powerful, poetic writing with Ted Lewin's magnificent, evocative paintings. Together, they make a truly inspiring journey. An author's note describes how the ascent encouraged guide Enos Mills to pursue his dream of creating the Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Hero's Trail: A Hiking Guide for a Heroic Life
By Barron, T. A.
2002/09 - Philomel Books
0399238603 - Hardcover Our Price $14.99

What is a hero? T. A. Barron, author of the popular Lost Years of Merlin series, tackles this important question in his "hero's guidebook" for young readers.

Using the metaphor of a hike, he discusses the great variety of heroes and brings them to life through their own stories: Some well-known, like Wilma Rudolph, Anne Frank, Stephen Hawking. Yet most are "ordinary kids" who have made amazing choices: saved their siblings from a fire, struggled to stop prejudice at their school, helped raise money to build a well in an African village. This book will be invaluable to kids, parents, and educators who need role models for young people to look up to -- and a new way to look at what a hero is.

Complete with photos of many of the young heroes Barron introduces, this timely collection will inspire readers of all ages.

Tree Girl
By Barron, T. A.
2001/10 - Philomel Books
0399234578 - Hardcover
Price $14.99

From the creator of "The Lost Years of Merlin" epic comes a perfect introduction to fantasy for young middle-grade readers: the story of a girl named Rowanna and a tree called High Willow on a faraway hill.

Tree Girl
By Barron, T. A.
2002/10 - Ace Books
0441009948 - Mass Market Our Price $5.99
The Heartlight Trilogy
By Barron, Thomas A.
09/90 - Philomel Books
0399221808 - Hard Cover
List Price $18.99

'Barron's debut novel is a splendid action-adventure science fantasy filled with deep, resonant emotional and spiritual undertones . . . this book shines as a bold, original effort worthy of repeat reading'.--Publishers Weekly.

Book Cover Heartlight
By Barron, Thomas A.
11/95 - Tor Books
0441010369 - Mass Market
List Price $6.99

Kate and her astrophysicist grandfather are bound together by a deep and enduring relationship. Together they journey across the galaxy on an urgent quest to save the solar system from annihilation. On their trip, they become aware of the voice of truth that speaks within them, and experience the tremendous power of love to change the world.

The Ancient One
By Barron, Thomas A.
09/92 - Philomel Books
0399218998 - Hard Cover
List Price $19.99

'This fantasy adventure offers well-realized characters, imaginative situations, high-minded theme and purpose, complex emotion, a smattering of really good fight scenes and a healthy dose of slap-stick humor. Barron has woven a boldly original novel that is as thought-provoking as it is fun to read'.--Publishers Weekly.

Book Cover The Ancient One
By Barron, Thomas A.
08/94 - Tor Books
0441010326 - Mass Market
List Price $6.99

In this powerful tale, the contemporary struggle between loggers and environmentalists in the Pacific Northwest is interwoven with a fantastic story of an ancient and magical world discovered by a 13-year-old girl. 'Fantasy mavens will find plenty here to enthrall them'.--The New York Times.

The Merlin Effect
By Barron, Thomas A.
09/94 - Philomel Books
0399226893 - Hard Cover
List Price $19.99

Seamlessly weaving elements of history, legend, and modern science, this multi-layered story is both an exciting adventure and a thoughtful exploration of the role of choice in the renewal of life. Determined to prove that Merlin really existed, Kate and her father travel to Baja, hoping to find evidence on a sunken Spanish treasure ship. A companion book to The Ancient One and Heartlight.

Book Cover The Merlin Effect
By Barron, Thomas A.
11/96 - Tor Books
0812551699 - Mass Market
List Price $5.99

From the award-winning author of The Ancient One and Heartlight comes a spellbinding novel about a young girl's mysterious encounter with th e famed magician--Merlin. Reprint.

The Lost Years of Merlin Epic
The Lost Years of Merlin
By Barron, Thomas A.
09/96 - Philomel Books
0399230181 - Hard Cover
List Price $19.99

In this marvelous saga, bestselling fantasy author T.A. Barron spins a tale of courage and daring, friendship and love, that will live, like Merlin, forever in readers' hearts. Writers as diverse as Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis, and Mary Stewart have recounted the adventures of the mythical wizard Merlin, but none have dealt with the lost years of his youth.

Book Cover The Lost Years of Merlin
By Barron, Thomas A.
10/99 - Ace Books
044100668X - Mass Market
List Price $6.99

This American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults is a brilliant epic adventure dealing with the literary wizard. Washed upon the shores of ancient Wales, the boy has no home, no memory and no name. He's determined to find all three. But first, he must escape to the mist-shrouded isle of Fincayra.

The Lost Years of Merlin (Audio - CAS)
By Barron, Thomas A.
11/00 - Listening Library, Inc.
080726170X - AUDIO CAS
List Price $30.00

A young boy washes up on the shores of ancient Wales without his memory of who he is or where he is from. So begins this tale of the life of Merlin in this first of five books about the "greatest wizard of all time". Unabridged.

The Seven Songs of Merlin
By Barron, Thomas A.
09/97 - Philomel Books
039923019X - Hard Cover
List Price $19.99

Young Merlin, triumphant after his first encounter with the dreaded Rhita Gawr, has brought new hope to Fincayra, the enchanted isle that lies between earth and sky, in this eagerly anticipated second book in 'The Lost Years of Merlin' trilogy.

Book Cover The Seven Songs of Merlin
By Barron, Thomas A.
02/00 - Ace Books
0441007015 - Mass Market
List Price $6.99

Merlin's mother has fallen ill. To save her, he must learn the Seven Songs of Wisdom, which will enable him to journey into the spiritual Otherworld and obtain the elixir he needs. But first Merlin's growing power will be put to the test when he has to defeat a vile ogre whose merest glance means death.

The Fires of Merlin
By Barron, Thomas A.
09/98 - Philomel Books
0399230203 - Hard Cover
List Price $19.99

Barron's dazzling Arthurian fantasy continues as young Merlin faces the evil, bat-like kreelixes who exist only to destroy magic; the mysterious Wheel of Wye; and the sorceress Urnalda, who holds the treasured Galator. Third in the series. Map.

Book Cover The Fires of Merlin
By Barron, T. A.
09/00 - Ace Books
0441007139 - Mass Market
List Price $6.99

The third novel in the Lost Years of Merlin saga. The dragon called Wings of Fire has awakened from his enchanted slumber. And only Merlin--the descendant of the wizard who first defeated the dragon--possesses the power to stop him.

The Fires of Merlin (Audio - CAS)
By Barron, T. A.
2004/02 - Listening Library
0807220698 - Analog Audio Cassette
ListPrice $30.00
The Mirror of Merlin
By Barron, Thomas A.
09/99 - Philomel Books
0399234551 - Hard Cover
List Price $19.99

Through adventures involving a haunted marsh, talking trees, and the creature called the ballymag, the young wizard Merlin continues to experience both his growing powers and his essential humanity. Map.

Book Cover The Mirror of Merlin
By Barron, T. A.
2001/10 - Ace Books
0441008461 - Mass Market
List Price $6.99

Merlin must find his stolen sword in order to repel an encroaching evil intent on destroying the magic isle of Fincayra. But first he must confront a magical mirror capable of altering a person's destiny--and the visage he finds within the glass is someone he never imagined he'd see.

The Wings of Merlin
By Barron, T. A.
10/00 - Philomel Books
039923456X - Hard Cover
List Price $19.99

In this fifth and final book in the Lost Years of Merlin epic, Merlin faces the most difficult challenge of his life--to unite all the people of Fincayra against invasion by the evil Rhita Gawr. But how can one man gather them all when none will listen to him?

Book Cover The Wings of Merlin
By Barron, T. A.
2002/10 - Ace Books
0441009883 - Mass Market Paperbound
List Price $6.99

In the fifth and final volume of this series, the evil warlord Rhita Gawr prepares to wage war against the island of Fincayra. To halt the invasion, Merlin must unite the bickering factions of the magical isle to stand together against the dire threat. But first, Merlin must fight a greater battle--one within him--before he can unify the Fincayrans and regain the lost wings that will enable his people to choose their true destiny.

Books written with photographer John Fielder
Rocky Mountain National Park: A 100 Year Perspective
By Barron, Thomas A.
09/95 - Westcliffe Publishers
1565791231 - Hard Cover
List Price $70.00
To Walk in Wilderness: A Rocky Mountain Journal
By Fielder, John
09/93 - Westcliffe Publishers
1565790383 - Hard Cover
List Price $45.00

Other books by T A Barron
Where is Grandpa?
By Barron, Thomas A.
01/00 - Philomel Books
0399230378 - Hard Cover
List Price $15.99

New from the author of "Lost Years of Merlin." When Grandpa dies, family members reminisce about the good times they had with him, climbing trees, carving pumpkins, and making a scarecrow out of snow. Full color.

Book Cover